Monday, January 25, 2010

Baked & Wired

Nestled on a side street along the Georgetown Canal, but certainly not undiscovered by the Georgetown student community, Baked & Wired Café provides its clientele with the 3 essentials: caffeine, cupcakes and internet access. It also helps students to achieve their two most favorite states of being...

Wired - Serving only Counter Culture coffee, a Direct Trade roaster based out of Durham, NC, Baked and Wired’s espresso drinks are some of the best in DC. But it’s not just these specialty beans that make B&W's drinks so tasty. The organic leche from cows milked just 88 miles outside of the district at the Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, PA has a little something to do with the sweet, velvety deliciousness of these lattes. Only when you have the combination of the perfect beans, the perfect milk, and a loving barista, can you achieve a rosetta as pretty as the one shown here. I didn't even want to drink it, so as not to disturb the picture. But I got over that after first sip.

Baked - Sober or stoned, the wall of cupcakes is too enticing to ignore, so you may as well just give in and enjoy one of the most unique flavored cupcakes you'll ever encountered. (And you can believe I have encountered a lot of cupcakes) It was a tough call, but my pick of the day was the Elvis cupcake - banana cake with peanut butter icing and a chocolate drizzle - and, for the record, I picked good! But really, with their private bakery just down the block, and a team of four full time bakers, there aren't any bad eggs in the bunch.

1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW, Washington, DC 20007
Hours: 7am – 7pm weekdays, 8am – 8pm Saturday, 9am-7pm Sunday

Liz's Rating
Linger? – Not so easy to find a spot as most seats in the house are occupied by laptoids.
Cost - $$
Value – High
Taste – 5 stars
Mood – 3 stars
Wifi - yes